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Estate planning is a complicated process during unfortunate times.

We, at KMS, help you in preservation, management, and succession planning for your estate. We provide proficient trust and estate planning services where we address all the concerns of our client companies related to wills, trusts, family Settlement agreements, special & minor child protection, letter of guardianship, letter of administration, succession planning, Power of Attorney, HUF related matters, Probate, and succession certificate.

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Trust and Estate Planning Services

Our services expand to all kinds of support in succession planning, estate planning, and intergenerational wealth transfer. The services in details areas follows:

Will writing and related services

We boast of a unique, comprehensive, and professional will-writing capability that our professionals use to write wills for you based on your instructions. We also provide legal advisory services to review all wills, special trustee services for protection for your beneficiaries, help in organization and tracking of your assets and liabilities, and professional custody services for the security of wills.

Trust and related services

We are proficient and competent to become a trustee for your trust so that your assets are managed well for your beneficiaries. We can help you with the planning for:

Distribution of wealth in case of minor beneficiaries

Assets that are held solely in your name and you have no family or heirs

Real estate that is not in your state of residence

Designation of beneficiaries

Registration of Trusts

Estate planning

Our estate planning advisors discuss with you about your intentions and plans of distribution of your wealth and provide you sound advice based on your financial needs and protection of your family members and closed ones. We become your personal representative or your executor and provide reliable, competent, and impartial estate planning services based on our experience, professional asset management knowledge, and trained staff.

Power of Attorney services

Our experienced and knowledgeable advisors provide you with appropriate advice regarding choosing a suitable decision-maker who will act on your behalf and the issues that need to be taken into account while drafting the document. We also draft the Power of Attorney to make it suitable for the requirements of our clients.

We work with our clients in case of the demise of any family member to resolve any issues related to ownership of property, pending business decisions, family issues, legal concerns, or other matters that require our estate planning services. We handhold you through the processes of

Bereavement advice

Key Differentiators

Trust and Estate Planning Services

Trusts, wills, and estate planning are a dynamic and complicated subject matter that needs expert minds and experienced professionals who can handle the process from end to end in discussions with the individual requiring the services.

Khandhar Mehta and Shah have a team of leading lawyers with multiple years of experience in handling the estate planning services for individuals in different situations and conditions of beneficiaries, heirs, and family.

Our strong in-house network of qualified chartered accountants, taxation experts, legal advisors, financial planners, and expert consultants on various subject matters provide their competent input to benefit the individual in making a will or planning for trust and estate.
While planning your wills, trusts, and estates, we ensure that these are in compliance with all the regulatory and legal rules and the interest of your beneficiaries, family members, and closed ones, and legal heirs is protected all the time.
Our exercise of drafting wills and trusts ensures that no practical problems related to the definition of family, estate administration, and details of the assets are faced in the future.

We are a one-stop solution for all the estate planning services that include advisory services, drafting and execution, trusteeship, executorships, and safe custody.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

A will is a legal document of an individual, which instructs others how the individual intends to distribute their assets upon his death.
Trust is an arrangement by which a person provides the right to hold properties to a trustee. The trustee manages the property or assets as per the trust deed for the beneficiaries mentioned therein.
Estate planning for an individual is a process of setting up rules and instructions to be followed in the management of property and assets during the course of an individual’s life and after the death in order to ensure protection for the individual’s family and closed ones as well as social causes and charities supported by the individual.