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Information technology plays a crucial role in the way companies conduct their business operations.

It requires the companies to keep investing in innovation and process improvement to remain with the times and survive within the ever-changing technological infrastructure. Regardless of the business type or the business size, this is a requirement for every organization. We, at KMS, try to address this requirement of yours with our innovative and transformative IT consulting services at a pace suited to your business requirements.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on a study and analysis of the current technology and future technology needs of the client and a comparison with the other companies in the same industry sector as the client. We understand the technological needs of the organization before recommending any solutions. We find the right size of IT infrastructure customized for their business size. We have detailed discussions and interactions with their IT directors, senior management, key decision-makers, auditors, and internal IT team to obtain their viewpoint – positive and negative – on the existing technological situation of the company and expectations from the future IT infrastructure.

We provide IT consulting services to our clients, starting from the phase of diagnosis to solution implementation and support services. Our team of IT consultants conducts the requirement analysis, business requirements documentation, business process optimization, project management, software selection, implementation of the software, post-implementation reviews, and any related advisory services after the project completion. The IT consulting process is customized for each business depending on the size of the IT environment, the current situation of the IT infrastructure, and the needs and expectations from the future IT infrastructure.

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IT Consulting Services

The range of IT Consultancy Services that KMS provides includes:

We assist the companies in developing IT plans, strategies, and programs tailor-made for their business environment in association with the internal functional experts. We assist in making business decisions for the technology infrastructure needs for short-term and long-term operations of the company.

We also help the companies with developing IT roadmap, IT budgeting, IT strategic policy, IT governance and service management, IT framework development and implementation, IT organizational design, IT due diligence analysis, and corporate change management.

We engage in developing a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan that can identify the current recovery procedures, impact on the business, recovery workflow of documents, gaps in required resources. We develop solutions and recommendations to mitigate gaps, new recovery workflow to check the impact, and new documentation for the organization, including plans, policies, and communications.

We aid our client companies in IT governance to facilitate a defined structure for alignment of IT strategy with the business strategy. We also develop a robust IT governance framework for them that can be used for measuring performance, ensuring delivery of valued services, alignment with strategic objectives, managing resources, and managing risks.

We conduct IT assessments of the company to understand their current environment so that it can be better aligned with the key goals and objectives of the business. Our IT assessments include IT organization in the company’s processes, business requirements study, technical and functional need analysis, business-alignment considerations, security assessments, and business continuity plan and disaster recovery.

We help clients in the software selection process where we float RFI/RFP documents, evaluate software vendor responses, and evaluate software capabilities. We facilitate structure product demonstrations in the presence of process owners from the client company and the software vendor and help choose the best possible software considering the business requirements.

We carry out negotiations with the software vendors, understand their licensing policy, project plan, and terms and conditions.

We help you choose the best software (accounting software, ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll, Office collaboration, eCommerce platform, Firewall, or any other software) and vendor considering various trade-offs and assist you in software implementation, post-implementation reviews, and project management.

Key Features of KMS

Why should you engage us for your IT consulting needs? Read on to find the reasons

KMS boasts of a team having highly communicative, reliable, collaborative, approachable, and proficient technology professionals who have the experience of working in a business-savvy environment in different industry sectors.

Our knowledge and expertise in IT consulting, along with an expansive portfolio of related services, enables the client companies to obtain the best-of-the-industry advisory services at a single stop that is customized to their business environment.
Our IT consultants advise and assist companies in the best optimization of their IT infrastructure that is in alignment with their business goals and objectives.
Our technology consultants are adept at conducting estimation analysis, determination of a technology strategy, execution of the IT strategy, management of new systems, and competition analysis to stay at the top.
We have the thought leadership, responsiveness, and dedication to solve your toughest information technology-related challenges starting from consulting regarding the identification of the problems in implementing the solutions and post-implementation services.
We provide comprehensive IT consulting services, including IT risk management, IT governance, and IT compliance based on our experience and knowledge in industry best practices and our dealings with different types of businesses.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

IT consulting services are the kind of advisory services offered to companies to explain the use of different IT strategies to achieve their business goals and objectives.

The key steps of a technology consultation are as follows:

  • Identification of the pain points and requirements
  • In-depth analysis of processes and context of technology use
  • Proposing solutions
  • Implementation of solutions
  • Post-implementation services
  • Regular, continuous management of the project

The post-implementation review services include

  • Review of system configurations to check if it is set up properly to provide the maximum benefit out of it
  • Review of erstwhile ‘As Is’ processes vis a vis ‘To Be’ processes and the processes in force to understand the gaps and the level of digital transformation achieved
  • Review of return on IT investments planned vs. realized
  • Review of vendor services to decide where to continue with the same vendor or hire a new vendor to provide continuous support
  • Evaluation of technology adoption rate among key users and the other staff
  • Review of reliance on tools like Excel, Calculator, etc. to understand the level of automation attained vs. planned
  • Feedback from the users as to the usefulness of the new system as compared to the old one
  • Review of increase/decrease in IT operations costs due to the implementation of new software
  • Issuance of Post-implementation audit report highlighting gaps, recommendations, and action items for the future.