Economic Feasibility Studies

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Economic Feasibility Studies

A company keeps on investing in new projects or initiatives for expansion and growth.

However, investment of time and resources is not the first step. The first step is a thorough analysis of the prospective project to understand if it is viable or not. Amongst the various feasibility studies, checking the practicality of a project from the perspective of costs incurred and monetary benefits achieved is a critical analysis and an important one. Such a study improves the trustworthiness of a project, thereby enabling companies to determine the positive commercial benefits that the proposed project will produce. We, at KMS, help our client companies by conducting such economic feasibility studies and assisting them in capital budgeting decisions.

We help the companies to remove each layer of complexity involved in the project’s feasibility study. We enable them to meet the requirements and expectations of investors and stakeholders when looking to establish a new project or initiative. In a way, we aid the company in building a business case to convince its investors that the project is worth investing, obtain funding approval for the project and prove that it should be prioritized over others.

Objectives of Economic Feasibilities Study

To understand if the project will generate an acceptable return on investment (ROI) to cover the cost of capital, considering the risks associated with the project. To check if the net present value (NPV) remains positive if one discounts the cash flows by the desired rate of return. An economic feasibility study is undertaken for making the following decisions:

Investment decision. Financing decision. Dividend decision.

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Economic Feasibility Studies Methodology:

Key Differentiators

Economic Feasibility Studies

Our team provides an independent assessment of the project based on their knowledge, capability, and experience of handling projects of different industry sectors and employing the global best practices.
Our team provides the required market knowledge of the relevant sector to help the client company and its management in assessing the value generated from their investment made in the project and thus determine its economic feasibility.
Our team of dedicated and committed professionals conducts an overall analysis of the projects’ strengths, weaknesses, and validity of assumptions based on the identification of its financial and non-financial costs and benefits.

KMS render a well-written business feasibility report based on the economic feasibility analysis of the project so that the company is enabled to assess the costs, benefits, and viability before finalizing and allocating the financial resources.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

An economic feasibility study is a type of cost-benefit analysis of the examined project to assess whether it is beneficial to execute the project or not.
Before starting a project, it is essential to conduct the economic feasibility study to determine if a plan of action is going to produce the expected results. That is, whether or not it will work, and whether or not it is worth doing economically.
A document that examines the prospective solutions to the business problem or opportunity and identifies which of the prospective solutions are viable for further analysis is called an economic feasibility report.