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tax advisory.  tax compliance.  tax litigation.

Our direct tax consultants in Ahmedabad have in-depth knowledge and experience to tackle any challenges in the direct tax matters. Our direct tax specialists provide the tax optimization strategies to large multinationals, small and mid-size companies, and individuals. We aim to minimize your tax burden through several tax planning mechanisms and help you comply with the direct tax laws of India.

Our methodology

As a top-ranked provider of Direct Tax Consulting and Direct Tax Advisory services in Ahmedabad, we help our clients by forming their tax strategies to reduce risks and minimize the tax accounting liabilities. At KMS, we manage your tax planning strategically across the year to ensure incorporation of the ever-changing tax rules and guidelines and to benefit from the tax planning opportunities. We review the impact of various taxes on your business on an on-going basis to avoid any tax payment delays and related penalties. We assure you of all the services we can.

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Being a the well established CA firms in Ahmedabad, we always focus on giving our clients the best in class services that reflect our values and vision of transparency, flawless, and professional work. Visit our CA website to understand and know more about our services and our company. Choose us for your business as the best deserves the best.

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Key features of KMS

KMS is recognized as one of the foremost providers of direct tax services in Ahmedabad. Our team of skilled tax experts guides you on all direct tax-related matters, including, but not limited to, corporate tax advisory, tax compliance, international tax, and tax representation and litigation services.

corporate tax advisory. tax compliance. international tax. text representation. litigation services.

KMS feature amongst the top direct tax services provider in Ahmedabad.

We provide direct tax consulting and advisory services to Indian and multinational companies spanning various industries and verticals in line with the direct tax laws.
We have an expert team of dedicated and committed direct tax consultants. They can provide a range of services including, – tax planning, tax return filing, international taxes, transfer pricing, and representation of assessments and appeals.
We remain updated with all the direct tax regulations and procedures and adopt the best practices to provide error-free services to our clients.
We constantly remain in touch with our clients to solve their concerns and issues related to direct taxes and provide a highly personalized direct tax advisory services.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

Some of the direct taxes imposed in India include income tax, inheritance tax, wealth tax, corporate tax, and capital gains tax.
Some of the indirect taxes imposed in India include goods and services tax (GST), stamp duty, entertainment tax, and securities transaction tax.
The key difference between direct tax and indirect tax is that direct tax is levied on an individual’s or business’ income while indirect tax is levied on goods and services. Direct tax is levied on the taxpayers while indirect tax is not directly levied on taxpayers. A taxpayer cannot shift the burden of direct tax to another taxpayer, while in case of indirect taxes, it can be shifted to someone else.
Transfer pricing is defined as the price paid for goods, services, or technology transferred from one related/controlled unit to another related/controlled unit, where these units are companies under the same parent company but are operating in different geographies.