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Change is the only constant.

The regulatory compliances keep changing very frequently. It sometimes gets difficult for companies to keep track of them. When an organization fails to do that, there could be some serious consequences, even leading to heavy penalties and fines. KMS provides compliance audit services in Ahmedabad to help companies remain compliant with various regulatory requirements.

What is a compliance  audit

Compliance auditing is an independent evaluation of an organization to ensure that it is following rules, regulations, and external laws or internal guidelines, controls, and policies and procedures. It also determines whether or not the company is conforming to an agreement. The agreement could be related to some funding by a government or other entity, grants etc. It is in the interest of the companies to carry out compliance auditing regularly to avoid future problems.

This audit also reviews compliance with HR, IT and security issues, quality management, etc. Depending upon the type of organization, different approaches are made. For example, if you are a financial institution, then compliance regarding personal data, disaster recovery, or information recovery is reviewed. If you want to have a compliance audit for medical facilities, then compliance requirements may need information regarding IT infrastructure, software applications, privacy, data storage, and protection.

What is the purpose of a compliance audit…

Compliance audit services gauge how an organization adheres to the rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and the internal code of conduct. The purpose of a compliance audit is to ensure that the entity is fully compliant with the regulatory requirements. It assures the management and stakeholders that the company is complying with all the applicable laws.

Our dedicated and professional team of experts compromises of CAs with decades of experience, and professionals who are experts in different laws. They keep updated with changing compliance requirements and help you stay updated as well.
Benefits of compliance audit

Compliance audit helps in complying with all the rules and regulations applicable to the company including, direct tax, indirect tax, companies act, FEMA, PF, ESIC, Gratuity, Bonus, STPI, Environmental laws, shop, and establishment, etc.

It ensures efficient record management when it comes to vouchers, returns, forms, challans, and supporting documents forming part of the legal documentation.

It ensures the accuracy and completeness of the legal documentation.

It streamlines the overall compliance management process by providing necessary procedures and guidelines.

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compliance audit procedures

At KMS, our procedure of compliance auditing includes five simple steps which are:

Scope of compliance auditing

Reviewing the applicability and documentation of applicable compliances as per the nature of the business

Verifying the claims, utilization, and return of taxes applicable under various statutes and laws

Suggesting and helping companies to implement various methods to improve the compliance management system

Key features of kms

If you are looking for a professional compliance auditing experience, then you must know that it requires a robust digital environment and mechanism for the examination of accounts and records to ensure complete compliance with the latest rules, regulations, laws, plans, and policies.

At KMS, we offer your precise and infallible compliance auditing service carried out by our experienced and professional CAs and legal experts while ticking all the checkboxes of audit checkpoints and other rules. We also stand behind you as a trusted partner who follows statutory compliances. Choose us if you are looking for perfection and want the best audit services in Ahmedabad.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

The three types of audit tests are risk assessment tests, tests of controls, substantive procedures.
No compliance audit is not compulsory, but it is done to add value to the company, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and improve efficiency.