Transfer Pricing Services

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Transfer Pricing Services

Businesses, which operate globally, face higher risks due to exposure to multiple jurisdictions and multiple laws.

There are many intercompany transactions, which make transfer pricing planning, related tax structuring, documentation, risk assessment, compliances, and litigation services a critical requirement for global businesses. The expansion of the global markets has made transfer pricing a general phenomenon rather than a one-of-a-kind. KMS is one of the leading transfer pricing services providers. Our experience in transfer pricing matters, combined with our professional approach, helps the clientele handle such transactions smoothly without any glitches.

Transfer Pricing Advisory Services

KMS is engaged in managing clients' domestic and international transfer pricing transactions through its team of capable, experienced, and skilled transfer pricing consultants. Our transfer pricing services include transfer pricing studies, documentation, auditing, policy determination, determination of arm's length price (ALP) in accordance with Safe Harbor Rules (SHR), country-by-country (CbC) reporting, Advance Pricing Agreement (APA), transfer pricing certification (Form 3CEB), and many more.

Transfer Pricing Studies

Our team of capable transfer pricing professionals engages in the study of the following for enabling the domestic or international transfer pricing transactions

Detailed profile and business operations of the parties involved in the transaction

Particulars of the transaction

Functions, Assets and Risk Analysis

Selection and application of the most appropriate strategy

Research and analysis of the data collected from the databases, if required

Conclusion regarding the transfer pricing for each domestic or international transaction

We strategize transfer pricing policy for transactions such as raw material purchase, finished goods sale, royalty fees, technical services fees, loan received or paid, sale or purchase of machinery, purchase of fixed assets, software development services, reimbursement of expenses paid or received, corporate guarantee fees, management fees, support services, IT-enabled services and many more.

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Transfer Pricing Documentation

Our transfer pricing advisory services include transfer pricing documentation work based on the transaction requirement and the clients' inputs. We also aid in the determination of arm's length prices (ALP) and the selection of the most appropriate transfer pricing method.

We engage in a detailed analysis of the business profile of the client, industry of operation, and risk analysis of the transactions. We also get involved in the selection and characterization of entities and selection of the most appropriate method, which thereby leads to a final list of comparable companies. We ensure that the client remains in compliance with the transfer pricing laws and guidelines.

Transfer Pricing Policy

We facilitate the determination of the best transfer pricing policy for our clients after a complete review of the companies involved and the transaction, keeping in mind the applicable transfer pricing laws and regulations. Our transfer pricing services include help in drafting the planning document and an agreement between the associated enterprises.

We keep in check any transfer pricing risk that may arise in the future for both the companies. Our predictions and analysis of any unpredictable taxation risks serve as guidance to clients for checking the viability of their transfer pricing transactions. Our team is well-equipped to resolve complex transfer pricing transactions using our deep research and in-depth analysis.

Transfer Pricing Audit and Compliance

Globally, the scrutiny of transfer pricing activities has increased. We, at KMS, help you develop such policies that ensure compliance with local country requirements, decrease transfer-pricing exposures for the future, and reduce any possibility of disputes related to the same.

We also sit with our clients and provide them round-the-clock support in preparing for the most appropriate audit response. As a part of our transfer pricing services, we ensure our clientele our all-time support in compliance with the transfer pricing regulations and during the auditing of such transactions.

Transfer Pricing Representation and Litigation

Our firm boasts of skilled and most experienced transfer pricing consultants to provide the best transfer pricing consulting services. They specialize in determining the most appropriate transfer pricing strategies and policies with no or reduced risks of international taxes. They are certified professionals in representing the clients in any issues raised by the authorities or tribunals. They have experience in representation before the Transfer Pricing Office (TPO), Dispute resolution Panel (DRP), or any other authorities.

Our transfer pricing litigation experts help the clients in litigation services before the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) - CIT(A), Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. Our legal and tax experts have proven their expertise by successfully defending several clients against the appellate authorities in complex transfer pricing controversies.

key differences of kms

Our dedicated team of successful transfer pricing consultants provides the right mix of insights from the Indian transfer pricing regulations and global perspective to the clients for a holistic business outlook
Our transfer pricing consultancy services provide business insights, efficient documentation, and reporting, ensure compliance with taxation and other regulations, and advisory services for any transaction between entities located in different geographies.
KMS proactively remains involved in the transfer pricing transactions of businesses by keeping themselves abreast of all the guidelines, new methods, and international best practices related to transfer pricing transactions and providing regular updates to the esteemed clients.

We are the right partners for our clients as we work alongside them, rendering transfer pricing advisory and Direct Tax consultancy services on all the transactions related to transfer pricing to ensure that the accurate decisions are being taken, which align with the business goals and objectives.

Our competent and proficient transfer pricing advisors provide customized services appropriate for your business type within timelines after an in-depth study and understanding of the business sector, objectives, and nature of transfer pricing transactions.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

Transfer pricing is the price at which transactions happen between associated companies. It is the price at which goods or services are rendered from one constituent of the organization to its other constituent, generally located in different countries.
The monetary value of a transaction happening between two associated enterprises is reflected as income or expenditure in the profit and loss statement of both enterprises. It affects the tax amount for both enterprises. Transfer pricing transaction enables the enterprises to reduce the global incidence of tax by transfer of expenditure to high-tax jurisdictions or income to low-tax jurisdictions. It allows the parent company to benefit from reduced tax liabilities.
An arm’s length price is the price at which a transaction would happen between two unrelated parties in an uncontrolled manner.
There are two types of transfer pricing methods: Traditional transaction method and Transactional profit method. Traditional transaction methods include Comparable Uncontrolled Price method (CUP), Resale Price Method (RPM), and Cost Plus Method (CP method or C+). Transactional profit methods include Profit Split Method (PSM) and Transactional Net Margin Method (TNMM).
Through BEPS Action Plan 13 on “Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country-by-Country Reporting,” OECD introduced a template for multinational enterprises (MNEs) to report annually to the tax authorities in each tax jurisdiction in which they do business. This report is called the Country-by-Country (CbC) Report. This report provides detailed information on the critical elements of the financial statements segregated by each jurisdiction.