Social Responsibilities

awareness and efforts to succeed

it takes

Strong awareness and efforts to succeed in CSR; it’s not something you do once in a month or year, it’s a continuous process towards a better society and a brighter future

Khandhar Mehta & Shah (KMS) believes in being a socially responsible company as we recognize our duties and responsibilities to act in the best interest of the society and environment as a whole. Our corporate social responsibilities include taking the initiative to channel our action towards doing a business that is transparent related to environmental, social, and cultural issues.

Our corporate social responsibilities broadly include four types of duties:


KMS regularly undertakes philanthropic activities as we believe in the love of mankind, which is a permanent part of our values. Doing charitable activities for the good of society is one of our prime CSR duty.

Company diversity and employment practices

We focus on creating such a workplace environment that is safe, secure, and free, helping our employees working at every level to boost their efficiency. We understand how diversity in the workplace is beneficial for our team and 180+ employees to work together in unison.

Supporting volunteer efforts

KMS has always aced when it comes to taking part in volunteering activities in Ahmedabad and India at large. Be it addressing issues of water scarcity or helping government school students with study material and stationery, and we always make it a point to contribute our time towards the welfare of the society.

Environmental conservation

While degradation of the environment has been an issue and efforts to combat climate change are being made, we make sure we make our part of the contribution in it. When we take up the technological advancement for our advantage to increase efficiency within our firm, we make sure we use as little paper and plastic as we can.

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Our mantra towards corporate social responsibility is…

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

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