AML Consultancy Services

Khandhar Mehta and Shah AML Consultancy

AML Consultancy Services

We, at KMS, provide AML Consultancy Services to help organizations comply with the provisions of AML laws.

The regulatory scrutiny around Anti-money laundering laws (AML) has increased for a few years because of the need to find a resolution for the global fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Therefore,  Business understand the importance of developing, executing, and maintaining a robust AML regime in place to avoid any non-compliance and related penalties. However, every organization has a different type, size, industry, and set of operations, which lead to significant challenges and issues.

Our core members of financial regulators, compliance officers, legal experts, AML specialists, statutory auditors, and other experts have the experience of dealing with AML compliance-related challenges. We follow proven methodologies and best practices to consult clients on AML compliance regime, risk assessments, conducting KYC of customers. We carry out an independent audit, training for personnel, validation of model and system, due diligence, updating of policies and procedures, enforcement advisory, and AML consulting on a demand basis. Our AML consulting services enable the businesses to improve their AML compliance, thereby avoiding any penalties, loss of value and reputation, and legal consequences.

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AML Consultancy Services

Our AML Consulting services include the following:

Development Of New AML Compliance Regime

Our team of AML Consultants assists the organization in the creation of a new compliance regime for AML that includes writing rules, policies, and procedures, formulating an AML training program for personnel, and steering an AML risk assessment of the processes. We understand the AML compliance requirement of all types of businesses, which are different in nature, size, the industry of operations, number of clients, business complexity, applicable regulatory framework, and types and volume of transactions and therefore design the regime accordingly for a new company.

Conducting Independent AML Evaluation

Our AML Consulting Services include an independent review of AML compliance regimes of businesses and producing detailed, informative reports for the same, including information on procedures followed, results, and recommendations for better compliance.

Effective AML Training

Our team of AML Consultants can develop effective AML training programs and deliver them for the professionals new to the process. These training programs delivered online or face-to-face include explaining the responsibilities of AML compliance officers and requirements to be fulfilled for AML compliance. We also develop programs to discuss the latest changes, trends, and challenges of AML regulations and resulting changes in business processes.

Updating Policies and Procedures

Our dedicated and prompt AML professionals are quick in updating the client company’s customized AML policies and procedures as per the changes in AML laws and policies as well as any changes in business strategy, products and services, and processes.

Creation and Updating AML Risk-Assessments

We help the companies understand the AML risk assessment procedures in place in their operations so that they are better aware of any non-compliance as soon as it happens. We also create AML risk assessment procedures based on the business of the company and its size of operations. Moreover, we update the AML risk assessments periodically as required after their review based on changes in AML rules and regulations.

KYC Due Diligence

As a part of our AML Consultancy services, we ensure that our clients conduct KYC of their customers regularly to understand the financial transactions they are engaging in while buying from the company. We are proficient in doing risk profiling of the clients based on identity, the legal status of the customer, reputation in the market, payment method used, nature of business/job, number of transactions and value of transactions. We aid the clients in careful investigation of all its customers to check if the customer is trustworthy or not based on his/her risk profile so that the client can be saved from any AML compliance-related penalties.

AML Consultancy On Requirements Basis

Whenever you require any AML Consulting Services on AML compliance-related concerns or issues, we are there for you. We have the required committed, prompt, and diligent AML consultants who can address queries for AML compliance anytime you need us and provide you the responses in the manner you want it through calls, meetings, or emails.

Key features of KMS

Khandhar Mehta and Shah  have a strong team of certified AML specialists, data scientists, business analysts, attorneys, economists, cybersecurity experts, technology experts, policymakers, forensic specialists, and strategic communications professionals. They apply their technical experience to help clients with AML concerns and compliance.

Our AML Consulting Services provide an all-round review of all the risks associated with money laundering that a company may be exposed to so that the company is aware of any possible fraud. Moreover, our AML experts conduct quality data capturing and verification processes to make the company attentive to the identity and finances of the person it is dealing with.
We ensure that we assist the company in putting a check on every customer’s identity and every financial transaction, including income sources, expenses, and funding to ensure quality KYC standards. If the clients do not have in-built KYC standards employed in their operations, we develop those standards and apply them effectively for future KYC procedures.
Our quarterly visits and comprehensive analysis of AML compliance programs of our regular clients are the key features of our AML consultancy services that we can boast. We take a business-centric approach to create and maintain effective AML compliance practices that ensure healthy and successful regulatory compliance and business growth.

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frequently Asked questions(faqs)

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) refers to all laws, regulations, policies, and procedures put in place to prevent all financial crimes, specifically money laundering and corruption.
Money laundering is an illegal process of concealing the origins of money generated from criminal activities such as terrorist funding or drug trafficking and making it appear as generated from a legitimate source. The money is laundered through a complex sequence of commercial transactions or banking transfers to make it look clean.
The key requirements for an effective AML program are as follows:
• Development of internal controls system, policies, and procedures
• Conduct of an independent review
• Deployment of a capable compliance officer to ensure daily compliance
• Development of an AML training program for personnel
• Customer due diligence