Transaction Advisory Services

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Transaction Advisory Services

Businesses engage in a multitude of business and corporate transactions that require great focus and business acumen for successful completion.

In these times, high quality of transaction advisory services is required that ensure an efficient and effective execution without any glitches or delays in the transaction. We, at KMS, assist you with these transaction advisory services throughout every facet of the deals that you engage in. You can rely on our experienced transaction advisory consultants since they review every angle of the transaction from every perspective and provide you a clear view of the opportunities and threats of a transaction and potential value generated from it.

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Our Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction advisory services that we provide include the following:



Our expertise lies in handling all the stages of an M&A transaction starting from the pre-deal analysis to the post-completion support, including the study of the parties involved, deciding the parameters, negotiations, valuation, and pricing support.



Our team of competent and dedicated transaction advisors builds robust business models for clients in association with their internal experts for strategic decision purposes, including addressing new market opportunities, assessing a new transaction, and improving strategic effects.



We assist the clients in an in-depth study and assessment of strategic, commercial, operational, and financial aspects of the target company in an acquisition deal in ensuring an informed decision and validated investment.



Our team ensures our clients have the upper hand in the sale process by carrying out an analysis of the facts, figures, and information regarding the buyer company so that the uncertainty risk is reduced and the sale process does not disrupt the existing operations



Our expertise also lies in enabling the clients to determine and design an optimal transaction structure based on optimum integration of capital, regulatory, and taxation perspectives and taking into account the expectations of both the parties involved in the transaction for its successful completion.

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Our clients trust us for transaction advisory services because of the following reasons:

Our team of proficient transaction advisors conducts the required research by combining market data and our fundamental financial know-hows and provide information that clients require to make informed business decisions for corporate transactions.
We have a team of specialists from varied disciplines and with real-world experience in different sectoral problems in diverse situations that apply their analytical skills to help in the management and execution of high-profile corporate transactions.
We conduct risk identification and assessment exercise for a better understanding of the impact of client’s business transactions on their goals and objectives and future success and compare it with the positive outcomes for a better view of the cost-benefit analysis exercise.
We undertake a business-like and comprehensive approach to any transaction to ensure strong strategic negotiations, transaction security in tax and legal terms, and preparation of due diligence reports.
We provide holistic support for any transaction through the understanding of it as a process rather than integration of small individual activities and hence collectively manage it as a project.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

Transaction advisory services are the advisory services provided by professional firms to organizations on their business transactions, such as M&A, valuation, and business modeling.
Due diligence means the investigation and evaluation exercise that a business conducts of another company before entering into a contract or an agreement with it to evaluate its commercial potential and risks.
Valuation of a deal is the process of determining the fair value of a company or an asset.