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Information System Audit Services

The world of business is very dynamic.

Every company has started to become aware of the need for robust information technology in today’s densely networked business world. Therefore, information technology needs security from both internal and external threats. To safeguard this valuable intellectual property, every company must get the information system audit (IS Audit) done regularly and carefully from experienced IT auditors. As the demand for IS Audit/IT audits is on a surge for them to address the changing requirements and demands of business these days, it is high time you must get your information systems Audit done from our experienced IS auditors.

What is information system audit

Information system audit or information technology audit can be defined as a process of evaluating and collecting evidence from the information technology, operation, and system of the organization to align them with the corporate vision, mission, and goals. It encompasses the evaluation and review of the information processing system, interfaces, and other non-automated processes of an organization.

KMS adopts a risk-based audit approach and performs a thorough risk assessment before starting with the information system audit. A risk-based IS auditing approach allows our IT auditors to decide the degree of reliance they can place on internal controls while performing their information technology audit.

Scope of information system audit

The scope of IT audit depends on the nature and size of the business. Ideally, it encompasses all the IT resources, including hardware, software, networking, plans, policies, procedures, and systems. IS Audit is generally performed on a yearly basis.

During the course of an information system audit, we test physical security controls and then go on to test logical security controls, network security, disaster recovery procedures, and business continuity plans. We then undertake data integrity assessment, assessment of controls over network, database, applications, and IT infrastructure. We review the IT strategy, organizational structure, and IT service process, including support function, service management, etc.

We prefer to conduct an Information technology audit before statutory audit as it helps the statutory auditor.
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Information system audit procedures

Information System Audit Methodology

Importance of information technology audit

IT audit reduces the risk related to IT infrastructure

The risks associated with confidentiality and availability of various IT processes and structures are protected, and risks are mitigated by conducting an IT audit. An information system audit also helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness and reliability of the IT system by assessing and covering a wide range of threats in the organization. It gives the company a clearer vision for the course of action concerning the outcomes of the audit.

Enhances IT

One of the most critical functions ensured by IT audit is making sure that all the laws, compliances, and regulations are met by the IT department and the employees of the company. It improves governance and also helps the management understand the risks and control of the firm’s technological environment.

Enhancing the security
of data

After assessing the risk and errors, an IT audit can also evaluate and identify the solutions. It allows the organization to reconstruct and redesigns the poorly designed or ineffective control system leading to the improvement of IT control. As at KMS, we use an advanced set of tools and technologies to carry out auditing. We are capable of detecting both internal and external threats and immediately take the required course of action to solve them.

Objectives of IT audit

To improvise : systematize, and integrate business processes in the information system used by the organization.
To ensure : the reliability and accuracy of the data in the IT system. To identify risks and weaknesses and to introduce controls to mitigate them.
To centralize : the controls framework for better feedback and enforcement of controls.
To comply : with regulatory requirements.
To eliminate : wasteful IT resources, save costs, and bring efficiency.
To strengthen : the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information systems.
To assess :critical business applications like ERP and CRM systems and ensure that they are providing results as intended.
To align : IT with business goals, objectives, vision, and mission.

What can you expect from an IT audit?

The IT audit report prepared by our auditors has a detailed description of the current scenario of the IT architecture, and IT process followed by the company. It serves as the base document when the organization is planning for an IT infrastructure upgrade.

We provide detailed recommendations for the optimization of IT infrastructure, IT processes, and IT architecture in your company. The net result is, you have reliable IT risk management capability.

It results in significant cost savings and improved data availability and integrity as a result of better IT governance.

We provide a roadmap for improvements, development, and implementation of business applications with respect to our findings from the IT audit.

An information system audit ensures compliance with the regulatory requirements and latest information security standards.

key features of KMS for IS audit?

At KMS, we have a team of experienced and expert information technology auditors who are in this field for decades. Our information system auditors use tools and technologies which are updated and latest to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology and give you the best results and precise solutions.
Our careful approach to IT audit confirms whether or not IT controls, which are designed to help in detecting and preventing unauthorized business transactions, are operating as intended. It also confirms whether the overall IT infrastructure is successfully supporting the financial objectives of the company leading to accuracy and authorization.

Our auditing methodology includes planning, document review, situation, and risk identification. We examine the alignment of your IT structure with your business requirements and make sure they comply with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

We believe that our clients are our valuable assets because of which we believe in giving best-in-class customer services while giving them results that bring significant and relevant changes in their organization.

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With the ever-increasing reliance on technology, businesses are heavily using IT systems. While some businesses are totally reliant on technology and some of them use IT to process and store data. Any disruption in IT services or security breaches can cause havoc. An information system audit ensures the integrity, availability, and reliability of IT resources for organizations to continue to run their business and grow.
Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Chartered Accountants holding DISA certification conduct the IT audit in conjunction with hardware and network security experts.