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Businesses, no matter small businesses, corporates, or non-profits, face a multitude of problems in their day to day operations.

These problems may relate to HR practices, financial operations, business strategy, marketing principles, technology transformation, legal compliance, sales, eCommerce, sustainability, or a specific aspect concerning their business. We provide management consulting services to our client companies through our extensive knowledge and experience of projects in different industry sectors. Our management consultancy services include business development strategies, cost control processes, strategic planning, development of MIS, project reporting, and consultancy on small daily operations.

We help the clients to understand the market conditions and operations so that they can adjust well and position themselves for growth and survival. Our management consulting services also extend to the point where we drive organizations to think about their future strategies of growth in the changing times of economic conditions, industry progression, and competitive scenario.

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Forensic auditing is defined as an examination and investigation of a firm or individual’s financial statements and records to find evidence that can later be used in the court of law. There are various reasons for conducting forensic auditings, such as for prosecuting someone for embezzlement, financial crimes, or fraud.

The process of forensic auditing is most likely to be similar to other types of auditing, as it includes phases like planning, investigating, reviewing, and reporting to the client. The reason as to why the investigation is conducted is to discover if the fraud actually took place, and if it did who were involved, to quantify the monetary loss and finally present the record to the client and ultimately to the court. Therefore, in simple words, it can be concluded that forensic auditing is a procedure carried out to produce evidence. The auditing techniques helps in identifying and gathering evidence to prove various aspects like duration, the involvement of people and quantity of loss, etc.

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Our approach

Our approach to handling management consulting services for our clients is as follows:

Management Consulting Services

We provide management consultancy services in the following domains:



We provide management consultancy for corporate strategy and finance, M&A strategy, business strategy, and digital transformation. Our approach thought leadership in various sectors enables us to recommend winning strategies to our clients and execute the same through our tools, aptitude, technologies, proficiencies, and our strong network of partners.


Our consultancy services in sales and marketing include advisory services for go-to-market strategy for B2B transactions, improving customer experience, sustainable marketing initiatives, and pricing of products and services. We also provide brand and customer strategy, development of a robust sales ecosystem, and product and portfolio management. We assist the clients in developing and executing strategies that keep the customer at the center and provide them suggestions on the best tools, technologies, and benchmarks to be used for earning customer loyalty.


Our management consulting services also include advisory services on mergers and acquisitions for determining the target company, how to go about financing the deal, finding the synergies and areas of collaboration, and developing an acquisition model to make further acquisitions and takeovers an easy process. Our consulting services include hand-holding the clients in the entire transaction, capturing maximum value, reducing the possibilities of risk, ensuring quantified due diligence process, obtaining the highest ROI, and improving the odds of success.


We work towards achieving happier customers for our clients through our consulting regarding better sales and marketing initiatives, customer interaction improvement, customer value management, quality services, customer loyalty development, and improved customer experience. Our focus towards simplification of the processes, elimination of extra costs, and understanding of customers’ needs help us to help you in delivering exceptional customer experiences.


We use our capabilities to align the costing of the organization with the business strategies and objectives. Some of these cost transformation services include budgeting, complexity management, redesigning, working capital management, technology cost optimization, and related support.



Our management consultants strengthen the client companies with our strategic procurement planning system, capability building systems, and digital transformation and enablement of the procurement process. We help the organizations to reap as many benefits from the small, flexible, well-designed procurement network as possible, specific savings across all spend categories, sustaining the gains, and maximizing the returns.



Our expert operational management consultants develop the end-to-end program required for transforming the operations to align them with the strategy and move ahead of competitors. These operations may pertain to any function such as procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, daily processes, service operations, and support functions. Our management consulting services enable the organizations to define a new normal with their operational changes.


KMS’s team of management consulting professionals ensure that organizations remain focused on their corporate responsibility initiatives for better ROI and customer value. We work towards ensuring that these initiatives are visionary, pragmatic, rooted in the core strategy, and brings multiple stakeholders on the same platform to improve collaboration and stakeholder relationships.



Our experience and knowledge in multiple industries facilitate full potential transformation for our client companies that may eventually reinvent your business, improve financial profitability, or give you a new vision. We assist in terms of the following to bring the necessary large-scale transformation for your organization: Building the best ecosystem of vendors and partners Development of capacity, systems, and capabilities for support Bringing the roadmap in line with the market changes and new competitive opportunities Developing a priority list for most value-generating actions Finding new ways of working in collaboration with customers

key differences

Our team of management consulting professionals has all-round expertise in key areas of business functions for various types of industries. This enables the client companies devoid of in-house expertise to hire us for the successful execution of a critical project or for resolving the key problem areas.
We can provide an objective, expert external view on a major decision of our clients – be it an outsourcing decision, change in strategy, a significant investment, or a potential structural change. They hire us to get access to industry best practices, breaking down a tie-breaking situation in a decision, and tackling any possible blind spots or biases to form an objective opinion.
We take a holistic approach to the entire issue by finding out the impact of the problem in one function to other functions or dependency of business silos on each other or value impact across boundaries. Our deep, functional expertise facilitates the achievement of optimized performance across the organization and not just the individual functions or processes.

Our unique combination of technical strength and business sense helps the organizations to get a complete picture of the problem at hand. We apply our experience of dealing in varied processes, verticals, assets, and people to plan for the changes required and support in making those changes in real-time to give our clients a competitive edge.

In our association with our strong client base, we strive hard to improve their business performance, reduce costs, bring a positive transformation in the processes. We help them innovate and grow, and leverage talent in the best possible manner to ensure long-term success and value delivery to clients.

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frequently asked questions(faqs)

Management consultancy services are advisory services provided by management consultants to organizations involving the identification of their problems and development of a strategy to improve the operational processes and organizational productivity.
Businesses hire management consultants for improvement in a specific function or handling a particular challenge. Since management consultants have the functional expertise and can provide an unbiased, objective third-party opinion on the problem as compared to a regular employee, it becomes an efficient way to resolve the issue.

Generally, the key steps of a management consultancy project are as follows:

  • Diagnosis of the problem and pain points
  • Determining the approach to address the problem areas
  • Collection of data and analysis
  • Recommendation and advice
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Post-implementation review and support