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Income Tax Consultants in Ahmedabad

Income Tax Consultants in Ahmedabad


We see a constant change in the tax scenario in the country, and the complexities have also increased in diverse ways. An expert income tax consultant can help you at this juncture to avoid any tax non-compliance and the resulting penalties or notices. As a trusted income tax advisor, we assure you the best income tax consultancy services in Ahmedabad with our skilled team of income tax experts. Our trained income tax consultants facilitate services such as tax planning, computation of income tax, tax returns filing, TDS calculations and returns efiling, representation before tax authorities, and tax advisory for you.

Income Tax Advisors in Ahmedabad

Our Income Tax Services

Personal Income Tax

KMS has a big team of personal income tax consultants, which helps individuals in their income tax calculations. We remain updated with the Income Tax Act and related rules and regulations that may affect the personal taxation of an individual and keep our clients informed of the same to comply with the legal provisions. We also deal with dispute resolutions on your behalf.

We provide tax planning services where we ensure the protection of family wealth, personal financial management, and identification of tax-saving opportunities. With our tax planning services, you can make informed decisions about your income and investment to minimize the impact of taxation and achieve your personal goals. Our team of personal tax consultants aids individuals in the calculations of the following:

  • Allowable deductions from salary
  • Income from house property and related deduction
  • Long-term and short-term capital gains
  • Principal and interest amount deductions related to home loan
  • Interest income from various possible sources
  • Any other income from other sources
  • Deductions applicable under chapter VIA

Tax Return Filing

Filing IT returns every year is a task that most of the individuals dread. With KMS at your side, you need not fear this anymore. We provide e-filing of tax return service for salaried employees, sole proprietor, and partnership firms. We assure you an accurate and easy filing of IT returns online.

Our expert CAs and income tax consultants can suggest ways to save more on your taxes by effective tax planning. We are your trusted and reliable tax advisors for accurate filing of IT returns and determining the right advice and measures to save taxes.

Not only income tax filing, but we also assist in the filing of TDS returns. TDS is a way employed by the government to prepone collecting tax such that it is a source of revenue for the government and an easier and simpler mode of payment for the assessee. Our team of expert income tax consultants ensures accurate filing of TDS returns.

These services include:

  • Advance tax calculations
  • Self-assessment tax computation
  • Online payment of taxes
  • Challan status inquiry
  • Filing of income tax returns
  • Income tax refund services
  • Income tax assessment
  • Obtaining lower tax deduction certificates
  • Filing of e-TDS return services
  • PAN/TAN services

Representation before tax authorities

Revenue and appellate authorities may raise several questions or queries on the returns filed by individuals. KMS helps the individuals to answer these questions raised in the notices under various provisions of the Income Tax Act. We have a dynamic team of skillful income tax consultants with rich experience in handling such cases. We prepare accurate responses to any queries raised in the notices against income disclosed in the IT returns and submit to the respective authorities. If the authorities are not satisfied with the responses, our tax consultants also represent the individuals face-to-face before various tax authorities. Representations may be required in the following tax assessment cases:

  • Inquiry assessment of income tax
  • Appeal matters and litigations in income tax
  • Assessment and litigations in transfer pricing transactions

Tax Compliance

Our income tax consultants help clients in ensuring their tax compliance to avoid any notices and penalties from tax authorities. Our key initiatives under tax compliance are:

  • To file the annual tax returns and submit to the relevant authorities
  • To get the client registered for PAN, TAN, etc.
  • To supervise the compliance obligations of our clients to avoid any delays and penalties
  • To communicate with the relevant tax authorities on behalf of our clients to avoid any legal action
  • To apply for tax clearance certificates for the clients
  • Seeking advance rulings on behalf of the clients
  • Other compliances as per the tax laws

Tax Advisory

We provide income tax advisory services to individuals. Our tax advisors provide income tax consultancy services, forming tax strategies, and ensuring compliance with these strategies. Our extent of income tax advisory services includes:

  • Taxation of individuals, partnership firms
  • Taxation of NRIs, foreign companies
  • Taxation matters of expatriates
  • Taxation of trusts and AOP
  • Specific advice as per the facts of the case
  • Tax audit
  • Advisory in TDS matters

Income Tax Consultants in Ahmedabad

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Income Tax Services

1. What is Form-16?

Form-16 is a certificate provided by the employer to every employee. Employee submits proof of eligible investments made under chapter VIA to the employer, based on which employer provides the Form-16, giving details on salary, allowances, and deductions. Form-16 is useful for filing income tax returns.

2. What is the difference between a financial year and assessment year?

The financial year is the actual year for which taxes are calculated, and return is filed while the assessment year is the year following the financial year. For example, if the IT returns are being filed for the financial year 2019-20, then 2020-21 is the assessment year.


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