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Update on Gujarat VAT

1. Amendment in time limit to  furnish Form 201 C


Form Upto March – 2017 From April – 2017
201-C (Inventories) Monthly dealer –  To submit 201C on Quarterly basis Monthly dealer –  To submit 201C on Monthly basis
201-C (Inventories) Quarterly dealer – To submit 201C on Half yearly basis Quarterly dealer – To submit 201C on Quarterly basis


2. Extension for receipt of Manual Challan


  • Dealer who is liable to make payment of Tax, Interest and Penalty  above Rs. 50,000/- should do e-payment.
  • In case a dealer has make manual payment of Rs. 50,000/- or above, Department is not accepting challan.
  • Now, department has given time to such dealer who has paid tax manually in challan till 31/03/2017. Such challan will be accepted by the department.


3. E-notice served by department as same as physical notice


  • Department now send any notice by email to the email address declared by the dealer or person shall be deemed to have been served a valid notice or the commercial tax authority concerned shall send an intimation regarding such email on the dashboard as per the Login ID of the dealer or person declared by him .


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