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Simplified UAN based PF withdrawal claim form NO 19 (UAN), 10C (UAN) and 31 (UAN)

Ref: HO circular dated 01.12.2015 (at Sl No. 522 of EPFO website on office orders & circulars for 2015-16)
With reference to the above cited subject EPFO, Regional office, Ahmedabad is pleased to inform you of the new UAN based claim forms NO 19,10C & Form 31. The employees whose Aadhar Number and Bank details have been seeded as KYC and have been duly verified by the employer using digital signature and the details in form 11 have been completed, will now be able to use these UAN based new claim forms. These UAN based claim forms do not require attestation by the employer, the member can directly submit the claim form to the concerned jurisdictional EPF office.

There are three prerequisite conditions which must be fulfilled before submitting these new UAN based claim forms.

a) The AADHAR number and the bank account number of the employee are seeded as KYC and is digitally verified by the employer.

b) All the details of the employee are available in Form No 11 (New).

c) A cancelled cheque containing the name of the employee, bank account number and IFS code is attached with the claim form.

All other employees not fulfilling the above conditions shall continue to submit their claims for withdrawals in existing Form No 19, 10C & Form 31.

It is requested to please ensure proper KYC seeding and UAN activation in order to make this move successful.

It is also requested to publicise this new facility among your employees. Forms can be downloaded by using following links:

Form 19: