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Highlights of Railway Budget – 2016

* Tejas Express – premium superfast with many onboard facilities such as entertainment, better aesthetics, vending machies, ushers

* Launch of Humsafar Express – Full 3AC, fast train with optional food services

* Launch of Rail Mitra Sewa – Comprehensive concierge services including battery operated cars, porter services, wheel chairs, etc

* Target to commission 1000 MW of solar power

* Will evolve models to determine revenue potential of at least 20 stations in next 3 months

* Aim to generate 10-20% of Revenues from non-tariff sources over next 5 years by monetising assets

* E-catering services will be increased from 40 stations now to over 400 stations

* Rs. 50 crore earmarked for innovation grants to start ups

* Will lease out huge tracts of land available adjacent to our rail network to promote horticulture and tree plantation

* Will evolve models to determine the revenue potential of at least 20 stations in the next three months. In all, we target to increase the advertising revenues by more than four times the current revenue.

* Will partner with Gujarat, Telangana and Tamil Nadu for developing suburban systems in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Chennai by innovative financing mechanism

* Appeal to all state governments to stagger office timings to ease peak traffic load on suburban train services

* Will partner with state govts for comprehensive suburban system in the technology hub of Bengaluru. Similar structures and financing mechanisms will be created for Thiruvananthapuram

* Overnight double-decker “Uday” Express to be introduced on busiest routes

* Coolies will now be called sahayaks, says Suresh Prabhu. Read our story here.

* We propose to invite FM radio stations to provide train borne entertainment via PA systems

* To help mothers, baby foods, hot milk and hot water will be made available on stations

* We will introduce separate toilets for divyaang/handicapped people

* We intend to take up on priority the provision of passenger amenities and beautification on stations at pilgrimage centres including Ajmer, Amritsar, Bihar Sharif, Chengannur, Dwarka, Gaya, Haridwar, Mathura, Nagapattinam, Nanded, Nasik, Pali, Parasnath, Puri, Tirupati, Vailankanni, Varanasai and Vasco

* Work underway on the installation of a high-tech centralised network of 20,000 screens across 2000 stations know as rail display network to enable time flow of information to passengers

* North-West, East-West and East Coast to get dedicated freight corridor

* We will reimagine design and layout of coaches for increased passenger comfort

* E-booking of tickets facility on concessional basis to be made available for journalists

* Clean My Coach service through SMS will now be on Pan-India basis.

* Ranking of A1 and A stations based on periodic third party audit and passenger feedback

* Major stations to be brought under CCTV surveillance

* IRTC will begin to manage catering in a phased manner, local cuisine of choice will be made available

* We will add two to four Deen Dayalu coaches in some long distance trains for unreserved travel with facility for potable drinking water and a higher number of mobile charging points

* We will introduce Antyodaya Express, a long distance fully unreserved, superfast train servce for the common man to be operated on dense routes

* We have identified the national academy of Indian railways at Vadodara as the first institution which will be upgraded to a full-fledged rail university

* In 2105-16 we have closed 350 manned level crossings and eliminated 1000 unmanned level crossings. 820 ROB/RUB have been completed in the current year and work is going on in 1350 of them

* Walls of many stations have been converted to murals, also contributing to social awareness

* Social media is being used as a tool for transparency; all procurement by Railways will be on e-platform

* Increased quota of lower berths in the coming financial year. We are also increasing the senior citizen quota per coach by 50% resulting in almost 120 lower berths per train for senior citizens

* 17,000 biotoilets and additional toilets in 475 stations before close of this FY

* We intend to switch over to paperless contract management system where bids will be invited online and tender will be awarded electronically

* Decongestion work on Jalandhar-Jammu line in full swing. Doubling of two bridges to be commissioned by March 2016.

* We have finalised bids for two loco factories with an order book of about Rs 40,000 cr. These factories will create an ecosystem of many flourisghin SMEs connected to global supply

* 44 new projects of 5300 km valuing Rs 92714 crore will be launched

* Expect revenue growth of over 10% this year

* Bankable railway projects are now assured of funding and should be completed within the next 3-4 years

* Rs 24,000 cr contracts awarded since November 2014 as against Rs 13,000 crore contracts awarded in last six years

* Propose to electrify 2,000 km next year, increased electrification budget by 50%

* 8.5 lakh crore to spent over 5 years for modernization of railway infrastructure

* Mizoram and Manipur will come on the Broad gauge railway network soon

* Will generate 9 crore mandays employment by 2017-18 and 14 crore mandays by 2018-19

* Indian Railways has commissioned broad gauge lines at 7 km per day

* Every Rupee of investment in Railways has the capacity to increase economy-wide output by Rs 5.

* Happy to announce that action has been initiated on 139 budget announcements made last year

* 2,800 kms of new railway tracks next year

* We will continue to innovate and reorganise, exploit new sources of revenue

* We have managed to break away from the average capital expenditure of Rs 48,100 cr over the period 2009-14 and an average growth of only 8% per annum to achieve a quantum jump

* For year 2016-17 we expect the operating ratio of 92%

* These are challenging times, may be one of toughest.

* The Prime Minister once said his vision is to make Railways the backbone of India’s progress and economic development.

* We have to challenge conventional thinking on freight rates to win back our share in freight

* The Railway Budget is not my budget. It reflects the aspirations of the people in India.

* This budget will document a journey of transformation and journey of nation.

* We are taking all efforts to translate Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi’s vision into reality.

* Core objective is to become an engine of employment generation & economic growth at national level.